Learn Tennis - Three Effective Footwork Drills That Improve Your Game

Published: 12th April 2011
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Let me show you how to improve your tennis game with 3 footwork drills proven to work. After following this article, you'll be sprinting, shuffling and jumping like a pro. Let's get started...

You need to learn this if you want to learn tennis right away.

#1: The Mirror Drill

This is a fun, competitive drill you can do with someone.

Select a follower and a leader. Stand facing each other, hands up and palms stretched. The leader shuffles promptly left or right, whichever direction the participants choose. The follower must keep hands even with the leader. After 45 seconds, switch roles. This exercise aims to enhance your footwork speed, but also helps you to always observe your opponent for clues of what he/she will perform next.

#2: The Backwards Snake

This workout helps develop your backpedaling abilities.

Face the net and lightly jog backwards, changing directions, left to right, every few steps. You'll imitate a side winding serpent backing up. For an added challenge, have a friend toss balls your way. You might feel silly performing this drill, but it'll develop your muscles and coordination for those difficult backpedaling moves.

#3: The Baseline Hop Drill

Develop very explosive lateral movement with this drill.

Stand on the baseline where it contacts either the singles or the doubles sideline. Leap forward and sideways. Hit the right sideline with your right foot, take a hop, and then hit the left line with your left foot. Do this until you hit the net. Do your best to perform this below 12 jumps. This is a difficult but very rewarding workout. You'll see your lateral moves enhance practically overnight.

Others may see these drills frustrating, and others may get bored after doing them a few times. But remember that your footwork is as relevant as your tennis serve. Maintain your workouts fun by practicing with a friend. The competition will bring a layer of pressure and amusement to the drills. If you're getting frustrated with the exercises, slow down and really learn the move you're practicing. Not only will it help you perform the drill better, but you acquire a better understanding of why the drill helps your game.

In summary, performing the mirror drill will develop your footwork speed. Adding the backwards snake drill to it will develop your muscles and coordination. Finally, combining these drills with the baseline hop drill will improve your lateral movements. These three workouts will help your game improve dramatically if you stick with them. Try them out today and see for yourself!


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