Learn Tennis - Tips to Have a Great Two Handed Backhand

Published: 24th May 2011
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The two handed backhand is an outstanding skill to acquire if you're just starting out hoping to learn tennis, since it's fairly easy to master. But it's actually an essential move decisive to any one's performance. Whenever you're having some trouble learning the backhand, think of this: it's the mirror image of your forehand. It'll get along well for tricky, high bouncing balls. Also, with two hands comes increased power. Who doesn't wish that? I've obtained some tips to guide you truly nail the two handed backhand. Read more here...

Set Up Right

Begin at the baseline, and take into account leaping a bit, nearly like you were split stepping.

This will provide you an additional pop of power. Or, attempt shifting your weight from side to side. Ensure you're positioned correctly for the two handed backhand.

Position is Key

You should get a closed position - in other words you're perpendicular to the baseline.

Set your feet sideways - this will make your shoulders sideways as well. You should be looking over your shoulder to watch the ball.

Grip It

Observing the proper grip is key for the two handed backhand.

Since you're already applying the continental grip, simply slide your hand down the throat of the racquet onto the handle. This will guarantee power and supply you more accuracy.

Swing Away

Pivot your feet to move forward.

This will make sure your front shoulder is aligned perfectly with the ball. Bring your racquet across your chest, rotating both your shoulders and your hips simultaneously. Wait for the ball to bounce and step forward into the ball with your front foot. Meet the ball out ahead of you at about waist height - don't permit it come closer! Reach forward over the foot to establish contact with the ball. Follow through, throwing the racquet over your shoulder.

One usual mistake players make when applying the two handed backhand is holding the racquet overly near to the body. You get a chance cramping your stroke if you practice this, so don't get very close to your racquet.

I can't tell you how many games these tips have saved me mid-match. Just go back to the basics - the rest will fall into place. Like Your your tennis serve, the two handed backhand truly is a critical technique in any player's arsenal. Similar to any move in tennis, it takes practice to actually perfect the move. With these tips, you'll master this move quickly. So what are you waiting for? Get out there and try 'em out!


Here's one last bonus tip...

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